About Us

“I am going to make everything around me beautiful- and that will be my life.”     -Elsie de Wolfe
our story

Sure everything is served on a board, but there’s a little more to this story…

Why Boarding House? A boarding house was a home with small private quarters and common areas, where paying guests were provided shelter, light food and entertainment during their short stay. Throughout the 19th century until the prohibition era, boarding houses opened up a world of social changes. They were common in most U.S cities, including O’Fallon Illinois. Travelers from all over could afford to stay somewhere, while homeowners could earn a living boarding the travelers. Boarding houses provided the opportunity for social mixing, the gathering of strangers and storytelling that shaped urban life.

“We love to look around the room and see everyone having a great time.”

Owners, Chrissy and Jim Johnson, of O’Fallon IL, have always enjoyed hosting parties and entertaining. Gathering with their favorite people, sharing good food, drinks and conversation is what they work for. Chrissy’s love for cheese, wine, entertaining and design inspired the creation of a place where guests can have a good time out or get what they need to take the good time home. A one stop shop for social gatherings was the start of her vision. When Chrissy was introduced to charcuterie for the first time, she knew that was the missing piece to her plan and so began Boarding House Bistro.