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charcuterie boards

Must order at least 24 hours in advance
Pick Up Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 10am-6pm.

for kids

Must order at least 24 hours in advance
Pick Up Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 10am-6pm.
Includes Plain Cheese Curds, Colby jack, Pepperoni, Salame,
crackers, pickles, fruit, sweet treats and toy sharks!
BABY SHARK..........$15.00 Box / serves 1+
SOCIAL SHARK..........$40.00 Box / serves 4+
*recommended for ages 7 or less
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charcuterie meat & cheese options
Artisan Cheese Options
Havarti – semi soft, buttery, mild, Denmark
– semi-soft, nutty, mild, Holland
Foengreek Gouda - rich, nutty & hints of maple syrup, Netherlands
Garlic Herb Curds – semi-soft, creamy, flavorful, Greenville IL
Irish Cheddar – firm, sharp parmesan flavor, Ireland
Tomato Garlic Cheddar – sundried tomato, hint of garlic, Iowa
Black Pepper Cheddar – fresh cracked peppercorns, Iowa
4 Alarm Cheddar – SPICY peppers of chipotle, chili, jalapeno & ghost, Iowa
Applewood Smoked Cheddar – naturally smoke-cured, Missouri
Manchego – tangy & nutty, Spain
Merlot Bellavitano -firm, creamy, sweet, Wisconsin
Red Dragon Mustard Cheddar - flavor full of Welsch brown ale & mustard seeds, Whales
Irish Porter Cheddar – semi-soft, marbled with dark porter, chocolate notes, Ireland
Brie – soft, buttery, Denmark (toppings choices: plain, fig jam, sour cherry jam, honey with cranberry & pecan)
Espresso Cheddar - soft hints of robust espresso beans, Missouri
Cranberry Wensleydale – fruity, and slightly sweet, England
Cotswold - flavor full of chopped chives & onion, England
Stilton Blue – bold & nutty, England
Gjetost – sweet caramel flavor, smooth, firm texture, Norway

Volpi Meat Options
Pepperoni – smoky and rich flavor
Genoa Salame – medium ground, garlic salame with a clean finish
Soppressa – course ground salame with rich ingredients, and crisp flavor
Hot Sopressa – course ground salame with mild paprika spice
Pinot Grigio Salame – finely ground salame infused with a high-quality Pinot Grigio
Coppa – traditional, air-dried pork, mildly flavored with pepper, nutmeg, and allspice
Hot Coppa – traditional, air-dried pork, spicy with red pepper, nutmeg, and allspice
Capocolla – pork shoulder surrounded in red pepper, slow-cooked to its delicious peak
Chorizo - dried Spanish sausage with smoked paprika, garlic, herbs, & spices
Peppered Salame - finely ground salame surrounded with cracked black pepper
Mortadella Pistachio - slow roasted & mild flavor with pistachio nuts

-- Specialty Volpi Meat Options  ($2 upcharge) --

– salted and air-dried for a perfect melt-in-your-mouth texture
Bresaola – ruby red, sweet, and aromatic dry-cured beef
Graze Tables

Let us help make your event fun and unique! Presentation is everything. Charcuterie Grazing Tables are the perfect way to complete your event.  Baby Shower, Wedding Shower, Corporate Events,  Large Parties, etc.

Please contact us for a consultation and quote.